A comedy short film tackling issues of agism in the modern world

One Track Mind

In a packed commuter train, Jack, 60s, finds a seat opposite Alice, 70s. They steal glances at each other until Alice takes her chance and asks him one question...one question that leaves everyone gasping. What follows is so shocking that any polite person shouldn't be engaging, but sod it, they all do. 

In this comedy against ageism, we are invited for an unusual ride. Like wine that gets better with age, our characters help reminding us that there is nothing sexier than the ’mind’. Even youth pales compared to these two. 

One Track Mind (OTM)  stars the supremely talented Jane Asher, Bill Fellows and Angus Kennedy.

It was written and directed by Katerina Philippou-Curtis in-between prepping for another feature. It was shot on Location in Essex and other locations in Kent.

OTM It is in Post Production now with a completion date at the end of Autumn 2018. Look for it in Festivals after then.

stills from the film

A carriage of unsuspecting commuters
And Bob.
Lost in music
In a reflective mood
June 20, 2018