Preproduction, financing and where to start

August 29, 2017
Preproduction, financing and where to start

I won’t go into the chapter of raising funds. I won’t even mentioned the re-mortgages and the typical credit card top-ups as well as the generosity of certain individuals that have fallen in love with the script and my dream. Let’s just say that I felt blessed from a sudden wave of goodwill from the most unexpected places. 

If we had enough to shoot we had enough to make it. You see I’m (certainly) blessed to be married to a forward-thinking genius visual effects supervisor/cameraman/producer/ who by his sheer existence and relationship to me saves the movie thousands of pounds. What Paul can do ‘for free’ in his office at home is what other directors’ nightmare of a checkbook would look like.

So taking advantage of all that was offered, Paul and I and our two young boys sat down and discussed the possibility of ‘making a film this year’. The younger one, Rafi, 4, asked about swords, knights and fights while the older one Daniel, 12, asked about whether he could be in it. Then Rafi wanted to be in it. Then Daniel was so happy he wanted to tell the world. Then Rafi wanted to ask his friends. Throughout the night the excitement kept peaking until past midnight where I closed their bedroom doors and Paul and I knew we had our allies.

Two days later ads appeared at Casting call pro.

It was February 2012 and we had six months to cast the film, rehearse, find the space, build the set, arrange accommodations, import the right lenses, lights and equipment, do tests, find a crew, coordinate everybody, rewrite scenes, sort out the money and hopefully bring the slate down one cool September dawn.

On top of that both Paul and I had our day jobs. I was employed by King’s school to direct their play and Catch 22 Charity to deliver drama workshops while Paul had his day to day work commitments.

But we knew this was going to be an extraordinary year and that if we ever wanted to pursue our dreams, we could not wait for the right time. There’s never a right time for anything. You make the time. If you want something so bad, you make it happen. Even against all odds.