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Using Red Footage in Premiere and Lumetri
One possible workflow with Red footage in Premiere CC 2017.
Sony a7s Exposure and Noise Workflow with UHD and Odyssey 7Q Plus
Noise performance in the A7s and external recorders. Can you fake 10 bit HD from UHD source?
Area 48 Remote Phosphor Light Review
Remote Phosphors gives the best light quality available (at the moment). The Area48 is one of the leading RP lights. Is it worth it?
Sony A7s - how to expose - cine or log?
A guide to exposing for a limited dynamic range
Camera Rigs with Tilta, Lanparte, Movcam
Baseplates, rods and various options. Man rigs basically.
AirBox Softbox lights for LEDs
Simple, effective blow up soft boxes for LED lights