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A very original cinematic voice, Kat always tries to highlight the complexity and duality of human beings and does so in a very provocative and masterful way’’.  Jessica Sharzer, Writer/Producer American Horror Show, Speak, Nerve
"Marriage is a powerful, extraordinary film.Costas Gavras, Academy Award Winner  ‘Z’, Palme D'Or
"Fast-paced dialogue, a subtle but harmonious music score, strong performances by all actors. You have to admire the writer/director for her bravery in trying what has not been tried before. You will leave the playhouse with plenty to talk about.Richard Woulfe, UKTheatre.
Absolutely fantastic! Kat’s mind is ground-breaking.” Saeed Jaffrey, Actor, Passage to India, My beautiful Launderette.
Very intense…The concept of a playfilm really added to the story.  This is a must see piece of work! Its definitely one of the best productions I have seen!Marcela Olivares,IndieLondon 
“Fascinating storytelling, an absolute must -see!” Pat Marsh Show, BBC 
Shakespeare used the soliloquy to explore the inner workings of his characters. Idiosyncratic writer/director Katerina P. Curtis has developed the ‘playfilm’ which intersperses onstage action with screened episodes that delve into the subconscious, an appropriate technique given her intensely introspective subject matter.” Barbara Lewis,The Stage.
“Our individual takes on reality are moulded by thoughts and feelings which flow from our subconscious. Writer-director Katerina P. Curtis understands this and has developed a new form of theatre, the ‘playfilm’ , to try and harness both the conscious action and the subconscious thought of her love triangle characters.  It works beautifully.Robert Fisk,The Newsshopper.
Katerina P Curtis’s voice is truly unique, provocative and  quite controversial”. Claire Bartlett, BBC World.
“A stunning new voice" Emily Parrish,Arts Council, London
“The boys’ is a rollercoaster. Intense, heartfelt, edgy, delves deep into the human psyche exposing a flawed innocence that carries the protagonists into a adult journey of self-destruction.” Garrett Donovan,Writer/Producer, Scrubs ABC 
Marriage is a gripping film, Kat must be congratulated for a finest piece of filmmaking. Her jagged editing  is superb.” Adam Recht, Editor, My Week with Marylin, Poldark, Victoria
"Fincher meets Nic Roeg meets David Lynch, no kidding!” Tom Rouch,Sony Pictures, LA
“A hugely powerful voiceDimitris Eipidis New Horizons, Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
"Searing, compelling, utterly original" Mark Le Fanu, Sight and Sound
"A very ambitious auteur with the audacity to create provocative cinema" Maria Giese, Directors Guild  of America
‘Truly innovative' Jonathan Romney, Critic, Guardian, Screen International
"A very talented auteur, Katerina doesn’t just give you films; she gives you cinematic experiences.”  Kostas Vrettakos, Director, President of the Greek Film Center. 
A truly thought producing theatre.  It was well written and directed by Katerina P.Curtis which was an important aspect because even if the writer has a relatively comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the human mind, it doesn’t mean that a Director will extract the essence of the work and reflect the playwright’s observations. With such a play Curtis shows a deep and equal understanding of the mental convolutions which humans can experience when the educated mind goes off line. The performances and the media interaction were exemplary.” D. Van DeBraam, Theatre Critic.