CGI, VR and Animation Work

CG and Animation

We started our 3D journey in the 90s with the Alias PowerAnimator system running on SGI workstations. Those days we focused on modelling and animation in general. During those years we worked and helped train up many companies who were making the move from traditional to 3D. From PowerAnimator, Maya was born and we stayed with the Maya system. More recently we're focused on Modo and Houdini as well as using 3D directly within Nuke.

Character design for a James Herbert CG version of The City (Based on the Rats series)

Over the decades of 3D work we have contributed to numerous projects both in the feature world and also in the more traditional advertising and design industries - from 3D environments for digital shopping to architectural models for various well known practises. 

Our 3D work has been featured on the front cover of Design Weekly (SmartChem for Anderson Consulting) and even buried in a time capsule in Texas (The private online club, Clubhaven). We have also worked within the games industry as well - from illustration and packaging design for Activision and Electronic Arts to flight simulator cockpit designs.

Simulator Ride Films

Wrote and directed/animation a couple of simulator ride films -- one set in space (right) and the other places the audience in a scalectrix (slot) car (right). These 2-3 minute films are presented in 3D to an audience seated in a hydraulic capsule who are thrown around to match the visuals. These were created through 96/97 at HD resolutions, destined for the theme parks of  the Sultan of Brunei.

Motion Graphics

These include title sequences for a number of companies, from film resolution idents (magic hour pictures who produced A Quiet Women) through to designing the animation that kicked off the first Spice Girls world tour (Spice, the final frontier)

More recently we have been involved in experimental VR projects and visualisation for a large chain of hotels.