Cockroach Waltz

Award-winning ‘playfilm’ about a peculiar love affair, shown through the 'consciousness' of stage and the 'subconsciousness' of film. Premiered at the Festival of New Works, UKC.  Recipient of the Arts and Humanities Research Board Award.

The Playfilm - a term coined by Kat,  offers a unique theatrical experience which involves two layers of the same story. Sometimes the layers  conflict, other times they agree, often they have a dialogue that pushes the narrative forward and allows the audience to either be behind or ahead of the plot. The interaction is often comical and politically incorrect.

The London playfilm contained a 50 minute sequence  which was projected in a key position on the stage and appeared and disappeared at will.  Edited either to music or to specifically interact with the action  on stage, it provided a totally enjoyable, immersive and multilayered view of the story.  

Brit Award Winner Producer Charlie Andrew and his band the Laurel Collective have lend their songs to the 50 min film sequence as did renowned singer/songwriter Richard Navarro.

The playfilm received huge critical acclaim.

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One of the subconscious projections


Trailer for the original Kent version


January 29, 2006

“Fascinating storytelling, an absolute must-see!” Pat Marsh, BBC