Past VFX Work Overview


We have extensive experience in the VFX field. All the way from the wild west of vfx back in the early 90s, working on films such as Lawnmower Man, Lost in Space, Prince Valiant, Dragon Charm to more modern indie affairs.

work in progress shot from Lost in Space

Our VFX world is build around the Foundrys' Nuke X packages. We have integrated our own pipelines and web based management systems that integrate vfx to editorial, even automatically sync'ing edits with Adobe Premiere.

We handle 2D and 3D tracking either in Nuke X, PF Track or Mocha Pro according to the needs of the shot. Keying, Rotoscoping and compositing are again built around Nuke. But we also use the Adobe suite of applications. In fact we'll use anything at all if it gets the shot done. We are also happy coding up gizmo's, c#, blink GPU script - all those little things that can provide the essential glue between different approaches and applications.

We have practical knowledge on colour science and theory, how that fits into workflows and pipelines and how to maintain the image throughout. Often we write about our experiences in the blog. Always worth checking out.

A lot of VFX work is invisible, handling removal of objects, reconstruction of sets or even complete virtual environments.

A typical comp shot in Nuke, much like a tree where the nodes and the branches combine together to form a composite. In this case 4 different views of a road with traffic were combined in 3D to a huge impossible motorway complete with actress running down the middle and new sky and city

Here are some before and afters

July 12, 2016

Short history of our VFX work over the years