about us

Inventome is an emerging, independent production company based in Kent, UK with an ongoing slate of creative projects and a desire to innovate. 

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what we do

From concept to creation to delivery. From Script to Screen and all aspects in-between. 

We manage post production internally, whether it's editing, colouring, or hard core VFX and 3D work. We have years of experience across these services all under one small, compact and cost effective roof. We work with external sound studios or mix internally.

We are able to work as a sole vendor or as part of co-productions and are happy to take on bespoke work or work on larger long form projects.

We are unable to accept unsolicited scripts.

experience and ethos

Our collective experience spans decades of creative work, from advertising, design, the dot com era,  commercials, trailers and videos to script-writing, directing, shooting and everything post.

We uniquely combine the A-Z of the creative process with the organisational, financial, managing and planning aspects of every production as well as the complex world of IT, development, delivery and support.

We train our VFX artists, some of which are currently working in high-profile jobs at MPC  (the Martian) and DNeg (Young Pope).

We believe in the power of unique, universal stories. And in working hard to create something truly special that is as timely as it is timeless.


Kat Philippou- Curtis

Writer / Director

Kat has worked in film and theatre as a writer, director and editor both in Europe and the US. Her work has been shown and performed in major cities both sides of the pond.

Kat is passionate about creating character-driven stories that are thought-provoking and multi-layered, often using allegory to reflect on current events and explore the intricacy of mind.

Her multi-cultural background has helped form and inspire her cinematic language, which is bold, original and unapologetic.

After studying Journalism and Psychology at Northeastern University she was awarded an AHRB bursary from UKC for a Master's at Drama. Her productions won her  a scholarship from the Greek Film Centre and the Ministry of Culture to study film at the EFC in Denmark. Another bursary from NYFA in New York, saw her completing numerous award-winning shorts, working on commercials, script-doctoring and devising the theatre group Players' Corner. 

She is the co-founder of Inventome and a member of Directors UK.

Paul Curtis

Director / Producer / VFX / DoP

Paul's background is in post, design, development, CGI and VFX since the 90s. He's worked on features such as Lost In Space, Dragon Charm, Prince Valient and has consulted on numerous others. 

He's run a successful international new media design agency based in Soho, managing creatives for over 20 years. He has produced numerous global media projects for clients such as Sony, Apple Computer, Emirates, Virgin, Sultan of Brunei, Spice Girls and Anderson Consulting, has produced TV pilots and theatre and has shot many shorts and Music videos. 

His expansive knowledge on the practicalities and technicalities of filmmaking has him on the testing panel for Adobe, The Foundry and some well known camera manufacturers. He has collaborated on new software for grading, worked on new colour science techniques and pipelines.

Clare Bristow

Head of Development

Clare has been with Inventome since 2012 and she's worked on Marriage and Hit the Ground. Previously, she worked in the Camera Depth on TV Series such as Inspector Morse, Sharpe, Goodnight Mr Tom, numerous commercials and music videos. 

She has an extensive knowledge of the indie business and her activities on set range from First AD and managing extras to focus pulling and rigging lights, depending on the scale of the production.

A multifaceted and talented individual, Clare, has proven essential to Inventome and is a core part of future Projects.

Natalie Lacey

Production Assistant & Nuke Artist

Natalie has been with us for years. She is multi-talented, having studied animation at college and now having been trained as Nuke artist. Her skills include working on set handling sound recording and supporting other team members. 

Not least is her organisational and skills at just getting things done. And a never ending fountain of enthusiasm and smiles.


Whilst the tools we use don't supercede artistry and creativity, the right tools for the job are essential.

We shoot on a wide variety of camera systems, from the FS700+RAW to the Sony A7sII and currently we shoot exclusively on our Red Epic-W 8K system. Our lighting package includes Dedolight HMI, Area 48 Remote Phosphor lights and Digital Sputnik DS1 full RGBW LED systems. We have many smaller tools and lights as well. Our lens family includes a variety from Leica M mount lenses, Contax Zeiss full frame to more modern primes and many vintage lenses.

As a VFX house our main tools are our licenses of Nuke X, we also use Modo, Mocha Pro, PFTrack, Houdini, Resolve and the Adobe suite. In many cases we work with the manufacturers from a pre-release and testing perspective and are proud to be included in advisory councils as well. 

We are well versed in not only the techniques and use of the tools but also with development and coding, which means building bespoke post pipelines that can be of enormous use.

When we have time, we write about our experiences and even review products, all this can be found on our blog here.