Fire Ants was shot in lockdown, with a cast of hundreds from around the world. We used social distancing, bubbles, wireless tech, modern production techniques and visual effects to tell a story of a dystopian near future where Covid has mutated many times over and society has crumbled, forcing the youth to revolt against their governments.

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Fire Ants has resonated with many children and adults universally because it focuses on the youth around the world uniting to send a pivotal message to the governments and the handling of their future. The story takes place in UK 2023 - on the 1276th day of Lockdown, where Covid mutation 7 has resulted in compulsory segregation by genetic immunity, forcing families apart. With his father and now his older brother being taken away, a young lad of 12, decides with the help of hundreds of online friends across the globe to cause a disruption by indulging in one act that will get the world to pay attention.

As of this post we are more than half way through the shoot and are editing as we go along.

Young actors from US, Hong Kong, Brazil, New Zealand, India and most countries of Europe have been prepped and directed by Kat over FaceTime and Zoom.

Follow the related content on the side bar for details on our diary of how we are making this - with all kinds of restrictions lock down places.



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